Remove water and particle effectively.     
40µm and 5µm filter element are easily interchangeable and replaceable.
Accurate and easy pressure setting.
Lubricator oil can be replenished without stopping air supply.
Oil spray in mist ensures good lubrication for machines.
Anti-acid & alkali bowl and aluminum bowl provide excellent protection in organic chemistry working environments.
Lubricator oil (Recommended):ISO-VG32

U serie FR.L combination

Particula aquae tollere valeat. 40μm et filter 5μm elementum facilius convertitur et non replaceable. Curabitur facilisis accurate occasus. Lubricator aeris copiam olei potest, sine intermissione agens esurientem saturavi. Oleum imbre in caligine ensures lubricatae pro bono machinis. Patera anti-alcali et acidum & Aluminium patera organicum elit opus providere optimum praesidium in ambitum mutandum. Lubricator oleum (commendatur) ISO VG32
The max working pressure: 16bar, max outlet pressure: 12 bar
It can fill oil into lubricator as automatic system keep working.
The performance of pressure adjustment is reliable with high precision.
The efficiency of eliminating moisture and solid grain is high.

F serie FR.L combination

Max working pressura est: 16bar, exitus pressura max: XII vectes oleum non potest replete, ut in ipso ratio lubricator arce working. Pressura temperatio et perficientur constans ex magna praecisione. In efficientiam princeps, est removeatur in solidum cuneis et humorem.




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